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True friendship is not being inseparable; it’s being separated and nothing changes.
My Parisian theme baby shower was a success because of these ladies, @cheryl and their awesome hubbies. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs-over the years we’ve all remain friends. Thank you for being a part of my life. Love you ladies. #sinceeversince #livelaughlove #friends

I wanted to thank everyone that has been sending gifts for baby T. I know some of you may not make it to the shower but thank you for sending baby T goodies. We are blessed to have wonderful friends near and farÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

thank you, jackie for the books, toys and baby chair. Thank you Jeff Schreier´╗┐ & Joy Puckett Schreier´╗┐ for the pack and play. Thank you Marj Aragon Webster´╗┐- for the car seat cover and shower goodies. Thank you Katherine Simpkins´╗┐ for the safari theme frame and photo album. Thank you Shakkia Courtney´╗┐ for the colorful seat covers, sling and feeding pillow/cover. Thank to my dad for the swing. you all rock!
#babytomtom #mommytobe #gifts #friends @tru_jack @keiya_love_life_me

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